An experiment in visually capturing sexuality. All of the images you see here are from my cameras, as I chronicle the beauty of sexual form. Taking over your mind and conscious, one sultry, sensual, suggestive and sometimes slutty image, at a time...Come overdose and let your mind wander deeper into its primal, gutteral, instinctual self...
rhythms247 asked: i love this site - where have you been all of my online life. question, it's simple, i fancy myself an amateur photographer but my muses are few and far in between. do u personally know the people u shoot or do u advertise for models? i need to increase my "workforce" any suggestions?

Thank you very much for enjoying what I’m putting out. I appreciate your support.

My muses are not models. They are, by and large, women that I know, or meet through associates and friends. A good number are paying clients actually, who agree to release certain images to the public.

I do maintain ways for interested women to volunteer to shoot or to commission me for a paid shoot. I’ve come to realize that many women seek opportunities to reaffirm their own self-confidence and sexuality. My work attempts celebrates the individual, unique beauty and sensuality and that each woman exudes.

If you tailor your images to reflect more than just the exterior beauty or desirability of the woman, you’ll find them approaching you to become a member of your “workforce.”

Anyone can take a photo of a naked woman. But can you create a work of art from that bare form? That’s your real task…

Goddess aka Statuary
The womanly form is the finest art ever created, bar none.
The Dark Queen II
The Sensual Monarch continues her reign…
The Dark Queen
Another sample of new, beautiful sexy goodnees set to cum…
18-15n-77-30w asked: Nice blog, my yute....BLESS!

Thank you! More beauty to come…

A Taste of Things To Come…
Potential Photo Special This Summer

So, my Tumblr experience is teaching me that many women are (not so) secretly interested in having beautiful, (sometimes not so) tasteful nude images captured, either solo, or with someone else.

I’m considering offering a spring/summer shoot special. Pricing is undetermined but will be based, in part, by interest in the offer. Any interested parties can reach me via “ask” or email: vision[at] (replace [at] with @).

Of course, your interest will be confidential.

sweetassfunk asked: I truly love your work. I'm an inspired, amateur photographer and I hope soon I can capture the beauty of Women of Color (nude, clothed or otherwise), like you do. Your lighting is what I appreciate most.

Thank you very much! I’m honored by your compliments, and I proud that my work plays some role in inspiring you to create your own works of art from the most beautiful women on the planet.

As for lighting, I love to light. I love to light. I love to light.

I’m 100% self-taught, so I’ve spent hundreds of hours experimenting and observing what various types of light do to different skin textures and body types. And that’s the best piece of (unsolicited) advice I can give you: play with your lighting; experiment.

Always be looking for the unusual. And don’t shy away from shadows. Remember, the light always will create a shadow somewhere in the image, and sometimes the shadow becomes the most interesting part of the image.

Keep shooting…I’m looking forward to seeing what you create…

Hot and Bothered
She was really feeling herself after some play…
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