An experiment in visually capturing sexuality. All of the images you see here are from my cameras, as I chronicle the beauty of sexual form. Taking over your mind and conscious, one sultry, sensual, suggestive and sometimes slutty image, at a time...Come overdose and let your mind wander deeper into its primal, gutteral, instinctual self...
Fetish Series II
This image captures what I most love about the (normally-visible) female anatomy: the back, the butt, the hip and the thigh…All beautiful in their own light, but divinely wonderful when seen together. Clearly a case where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts…
Late Afternoon, Summer Sun
Part of my “fetish series”, this beauty demonstrates the subtle sensuality of the midriff, sides, and waist of the human female. A gentle curve, softness, and sensitivity; a great place to “play”…this was taken with the warm summer sun lighting chocolate skin…
Mecca. Her tribal marks on prominent display, adorning her beautiful orbs, complementing her milk-chocolate smooth brown skin…This is a personal favorite of mine.
Brown Nipple
Beautiful, brown skin, a nipple and some lips…Simplicity.
Anonymous asked: I love your pictures! I really want to get some pictures like what you make. I'm definitely going to do it. well, I'm thinking about when I want to do it. I still gotta get my body right.

And how do you deal with certain "reactions" when you shoot either you or the model getting aroused....

Thank you for taking time to enjoy my work! I’m honored…

Some advice: don’t worry so much about your body being right, as much as your mind. Your body is less a concern than your belief in your own sexuality and sensuality, as well as your confidence. Yes, feel comfortable with your physicality; but even if you have the “perfect” body, if your mind isn’t right, you’ll not view your shoot as a “success.”

As far as “reactions,” let’s get rid of the euphemisms. The model getting aroused/wet is often a desired outcome; losing her inhibition in front of the camera is, in most cases (though not always), what the woman wants. That’s what she’s paying for, often. When she’s in her “zone,” that’s usually when the images are their best. As far me getting hard, thats an “occupational hazard” that I’ve learned to deal with through years of experience shooting nudes. I spend most of my days with utterly beautiful women — of all shapes and sizes, clothed and unclothed — in front of my cameras, so there’s a certain amount of ‘desensitization’ that occurs. In other words, you get used to seeing nudity and…certain behaviors…and it doesn’t faze you as much. It’s another day at the office, so to speak.

Besides, this is a not just a hobby for me: it’s a career, so maintaining decorum and composure is a MUST if I want to continue to be respected as a professional.

geigh-shagirls asked: i appreciate all of the contours, complexions, curves, & copulate-like poses of ur models. many prayers that u continue to top yourself.


Thank you very much for your patronage!!

I enjoy working with people that represent both, the diversity of the diaspora, and differing sexual tastes and interests. And one of the benefits of working with “non-models” is that they tend to be more willing to express themselves fully. Things take on an organic quality which results in some unexpected, unplanned brilliance.

I appreciate and receive your prayers! In return, I pray that you continue to visit, that you comment and suggest, and most of all, that you enjoy what I present.

meandmymouth asked: Hey click on the directory for the erotica section and get listed. I dont see anything like yours up there.

Done and done. 

I didn’t even know that there was an “erotica” section in the directory…

Thank you for the tip!!

Slow Hand
So often, we get all wrapped up in the “main event,” that is getting to the sex and seeing the naked goods, that we forget that the body coming out of clothes can be very sexy and sensual in its own right.
karbarkalediscope asked: love your blog too, can't wait to see more pics =)

Thank you for the love! I appreciate it greatly…

There are more coming…I take my time selecting images that resonate with some part of what I’m trying to do, and yeah, that takes a minute sometimes. But I hope the results are worth the wait and that each image sparks something within you.

The Arch
The length of the back is sexy on every woman. The smart man (or woman) realizes that some of the most erogenous areas are often the most overlooked…
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