An experiment in visually capturing sexuality. All of the images you see here are from my cameras, as I chronicle the beauty of sexual form. Taking over your mind and conscious, one sultry, sensual, suggestive and sometimes slutty image, at a time...Come overdose and let your mind wander deeper into its primal, gutteral, instinctual self...
searchingforbadassmagic asked: I like what you got goin' on here.

Thank you! Keep comin’ back…More goodness is coming. Peace.

Anonymous asked: Great stuff you have on your blog!! Very sexy and I love the fact that you show black women in their beautiful and various forms. We don't get that kind of shine very often.

I'm interested in being photographed in such a beautiful and sexy way...How do I reach you off Tumblr? Where are you based? I travel a lot so, maybe I can find a way to wherever you are...Thanks in advance and keep up the strikingly beautiful work!!

'Appreciate your compliments! Thank you very much!

I can be reached via email: If you’re interested in booking a session, feel free to contact me. I’m based in New York City — pretty easy to get here. ;^) I also travel for clients so we can certainly work something out. 

I fully intend to keep the flow of sexual and sensual beauty coming. Peace.

mymymylikejohnnygill asked: I discovered your blog via that waist bead post. I'm FEELING your work. I've been waiting for something like this to pop up. I love the mood, lighting, the whole aesthetic is dope. Makes me wanna read some Anais Nin and listen to some Betty Davis to this shit! lol Keep doing your thing. Much props, much prosperity.

Thank you for your kind words! 

I’m very happy that I’m filling a void, and producing images that capture my viewer’s imaginations and leave them with a strong impression. I work very hard to make images that titillate, whet appetites and please eyes and minds.

I’m a fan of Anaïs Nin and I approve you turning to her after looking at my images!

Stick around — there’s more goodness to come. I thank you for checking out my work…

Peace and Love.

"It is the beads that makes the buttocks to shake" - Yoruba saying
Women of the African diaspora have, for centuries, displayed the beauty and femininity of the female form through the use of waistbeads. The practice varies, but one main theme (among many) emerges. Among Yoruba, there is a belief that the waist beads posses strong erotic appeal, and serves to lure their spouse or an interested man to the bed of a fetching Yoruba woman…
I will let you be the judge…
Beautifully round, chocolate mounds, symmetric, and sensually presented for the taking. Nipples erect. Hands lacking focus…What are they doing below…
More of this series “forthcuming…”
Gooseflesh aka Luscious
Full. Richly dark. Natural. And invitingly situated.
Inspired by the work of Thierry Le Goues.
Anonymous asked: Hi! Thank you soooo much for your posts!! Your erotic/nude art is beautiful. I loooove to see chocolate skin in sexy and classy ways. Your a really good photographer and I love how you choose your angles and create your images. I'm kinda ODeee sweatin what you do!!

This is a weird question but how do you choose your models? Do you shoot 'regular' women? I'm asking because I'm interested in having some beautiful shots of myself that I can hang in my own place. I assume you do work for pay? How much do you charge?

Also, where are you? And if I wanted to just be a model for you, how do you choose who you shoot I'd love to be photographed in a beautiful, sexy maybe kinky way. How would I get myself looked at by you and maybe chosen for a shoot?

I know I'm anon so you can't reply directly to me. I just don't want to put all my bizness out on Tumblr. But if you reply with answers to my questions, believe me, I'll be checking back, so I'll see it and we can go from there! Thank yoooooouuuu!!

First, I thank you for your compliments. I appreciate them very much!! I love to shoot beautiful ebony women, first because they are underrepresented as exemplars of beauty, and second because I find them to be fuckin’ sexy as hell!! (I shoot all ethnicities, but black women — whoooooo!)

I choose people to shoot based on their demeanor. I tell everyone, generally, an “average” looking woman with a “I’m-the-shit” attitude will take delicious images, while a “gorgeous” woman with a less adventurous attitude will take horrible photos. It’s all about your motivation and ability to express your own sexuality. I shoot “regular” women all the time. They tend to be the best subjects frankly, for a number of reasons.

As for what I charge, I have basic rates but I try to tailor packages to the particular client, so each package ends up being slightly different. Email me: and we’ll talk specifics.

I’m based in New York City but I do travel as client needs dictate. Again, email me and we can discuss your particulars and get things rollin’.

Chocolate skin, beautiful, full hips, and an ample ass. Fantasy fucks start and end with these…
Treasure Trail
He’d just finished teasing her nipples to the point of diamond-hardness…Now he was going to bathe her clit…
And as you can see, he had help, to make sure none of her was left unattended to.
It’s never too early to cum, at least that’s what she decided. One hand to clit, one hand to nipple, one long moan, one drip, one line of wet down the inside of her thigh…
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