An experiment in visually capturing sexuality. All of the images you see here are from my cameras, as I chronicle the beauty of sexual form. Taking over your mind and conscious, one sultry, sensual, suggestive and sometimes slutty image, at a time...Come overdose and let your mind wander deeper into its primal, gutteral, instinctual self...
Come Hither
Sometimes, it’s the anticipation of what one is going to get that makes all the difference…
So, imagine the sense of anticipation in seeing her like this, waiting for you…
Diffuse light + chocolate skin + delicious features + devilishly lascivious figure = sensual (and sexual) nirvana
(This is a remix of one of my images I’d posted to my other tumblr some time ago…)
Spreadeagle Fuck
You had to be there to witness the sheer eroticism of this scene…cumming loud, wet, and physical, her wetness covering the floor, as he took her.
Woman with Woman — God’s most desirable creation taking another of His best work…
Baby, New Year
Black on White

I hope you, whether
Man or Woman, have something like her in your 2011 future, either in reality or fantasy.
Curl Up With Her
A woman, coquettishly presenting herself for pleasing and being pleased…Please and thank you…
A beautiful, dark, twisted vision…
meandmymouth asked: Dont mind my slander post. I dont think this a porn site.

LOL! I don’t ;^)

nakedangrydoll asked: And I have to let you know for clarity's sake, that I understand and wholly appreciate the innate symbolism, meaning, and beauty of the nude body. I used that argument for argument's sake. It was well refuted. ^_^

Oh, I’m definitely aware that you appreciate and understand the value of depictions of the nude, the sexual — after all, you follow my tumbleblogging of provocative imagery! I figured from the start that it was an intellectual exercise we were engaging in. And a fun one it was. It’s still good to play a little Devil’s Advocate and hash out the issues.

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