An experiment in visually capturing sexuality. All of the images you see here are from my cameras, as I chronicle the beauty of sexual form. Taking over your mind and conscious, one sultry, sensual, suggestive and sometimes slutty image, at a time...Come overdose and let your mind wander deeper into its primal, gutteral, instinctual self...
I’m coming back…
Thank You

A Milestone: 100 Followers.

To the “First 100” Thank You for taking this journey with me! I hope it’s been as good and enlightening for you, as it’s been for me, in creating it!!

I’m continually refining the vision for what I want the Experiment to be, and I hope that you continue to like, reblog, and otherwise appreciate the art that I’m trying to create with my various lenses, and celebrate everything that’s good and beautiful, carnal and sometimes debauched, about the human body, sexuality, and sensuality.

Thank you again! The experimentation continues apace…

MKULTRA: A Mind-Shaping Experiment

I’m about to head off on a week-long Caribbean excursion, so there will be a lull in posting while I’m gone. But I wanted to share the “why” behind this site that I’m calling “The Experiment.”

The simple version: I’m very interested in photography — in fact, it’s my job. I’m very interested in the act of sex — in fact, it’s one of my great pleasures, as I love women, their curves, their sensuality and inherent sexiness. 

The longer version is that as a photographer, I’m wedded to the idea of chronicling the subjects, things I like that I capture, either in a momentary, or longer-term capacity. In this case, it’s precisely the drive to fuck — to experience that pleasure and satisfaction, either in person or vicariously — that we experience on a daily basis, and seek depictions of, that leads me to create these images.

The rub is that for the most part, mainstream images that sit in this intersection are of “perfect” people — perfectly proportioned, perfectly retouched, perfectly beautiful. All that “perfection” is fake. It’s manufactured, and it cheapens and diminishes the rawness of the real sexuality and sensuality that exists in the world. 

THE EXPERIMENT seeks to give you something a bit different: the presentation of regular people doing what we all (or want to) do, and present them with the same dignity, same respect as we see with “productions.” Women that span the gamut of size and shape, sometimes enjoying themselves and occasionally, enjoying men, who are not all hung like horses.

THE EXPERIMENT will give you tasteful, but explicit expressions of everyday sexuality, everyday sensuality of everyday people. No “extreme Photoshop,” no extreme retouches, just all natural, raw and uncut beauty, and sensuality. 

I’m sure you’ll enjoy THE EXPERIMENT, almost as much as I will enjoy presenting it to you.