An experiment in visually capturing sexuality. All of the images you see here are from my cameras, as I chronicle the beauty of sexual form. Taking over your mind and conscious, one sultry, sensual, suggestive and sometimes slutty image, at a time...Come overdose and let your mind wander deeper into its primal, gutteral, instinctual self...
As anyone who has had a woman in this simple, yet startlingly erotic, position knows, there is something supremely inviting about this manner of presentation…
Take Me…She says this is the position in which she loves to be eaten…very inviting…This is all natural…
It’s The Legs. Simple And Plain.
Fetish VI aka Strike Zone II
Isn’t one of the most magnificent elements of God’s creation worthy of the most beautiful artistic treatment possible, fitting of the treasures she hides, and the mystery of her timeless attraction?
I think so.
(For those looking for something more prurient, excuse me for being on my artistic shit. This image is best enjoyed hi-res, by the way.)
Fetish Series V aka Dream State
Last of the fetish series for a moment…this one focusing on hips, waist, and a natural, haired pussy.
As a sidebar, a beautiful, natural, nappy, haired pussy is a wonderful sight to behold. Shaved is good, but hairy? Vagina as nature intended…
Fetish Series II
This image captures what I most love about the (normally-visible) female anatomy: the back, the butt, the hip and the thigh…All beautiful in their own light, but divinely wonderful when seen together. Clearly a case where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts…
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